Your Project

The cornerstone of your project: a customer-oriented approach

Create valuable and meaningful moments

The starting point of your project is our own client approach. It is a simple principle: to fully understand the objectives and motivations of the client, to give the project the direction it needs and to meet the set goals. 

Our expertise allows us to establish the foundations of the project and to develop a logical scenario for the visitor, the client, the consumer or the tourist that participate into the atmosphere that you want to create. To establish a circuit, to calculate a tour and to trigger the participants’ emotions are some of the steps that will be discussed with our team. Our one-of-a-kind approach juxtaposes your company DNA with ours allowing us to achieve your specific goals and objectives.

The customer journey or the way to create a unique customer experience

The main goal behind the customer journey is to create valuable and meaningful moments within a tour or a circuit using a variety of techniques that we integrate into our projects. (hyperlink)

Our involvement goes beyond the design of a themed outdoor or indoor space. Our greatest interest is to fully understand why the visitors will come live this experience at your specific location.

A project?

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Our team at Groupe Artea will be pleased to guide you.

Technologies and social media

From the very beginning, our projects are being developed with Facebook and Instagram in mind so that the visitors can easily interact with the infrastructures, thereby generating added value to the atmosphere created for you.    

The expertise that we acquired over the years in lighting artistic direction as well as in design enables us to offer you high quality products and avant-gardist techniques.



Our creative process

As the client is always at the centre of our decisions, each step of our creative process accentuates the experience that we want to put forward. Our listening skills, our guidance (both in the choices to make and in the management) and our exchanges are part of our trademark. Here are the steps that you will be involved in once your turnkey project starts with us.



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