About Us

An extensive expertise in the field of artistic direction, management and planning

An extensive expertise in the field of artistic direction and layout of spaces - both indoors and outdoors

Our history dates back in 1999 when the company was mainly manufacturing commercial and entertainment decors using all the techniques developed and learned by our team. Very quickly, our projects and our activities became larger and never stopped expanding.

What makes us unique? Innovation! Not only do we constantly want to do more and more on our projects, but we also take the steps needed to achieve our main goal which is to amaze our clients while developing economically viable solutions.

We have worked on all principal lines of business through our different projects:

  • Manufacturing of commercial decors, Christmas decors, 3D sculptures, furniture, “faux finis” and mock-ups.
  • We work with: metals (processing), glass and materials imitation (to lower the costs).
  • Our team also specializes in lighting and illumination techniques as well as in development of mechanisms. We now offer the integration of new technologies, virtual and augmented reality, screenings, visual/sound/ambient effects.


Our 20 years of experience make us a key player in the industry and also a reliable partner in the recreotourism, commercial and entertainment sectors.

Please note that the following video is in French - English subtitles are however available.


A project?

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Our team at Groupe Artea will be pleased to guide you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue working closely with our clients while fulfilling their needs so that their ideas can be brought to life.  Groupe Artea takes care of your project and offers you a strong artistic direction for each step of the process: from the first idea to the final installation.

Our team members and consultants are constantly expanding their knowledge in order to provide you with up-to-date and relevant skills.



Our Values

Founded upon strong values, Groupe Artea aims to be a better corporate citizen by making firmer commitments, both socially and environmentally, with regard to the management of its activities.

A strong collaboration with the client and the consultants assigned to the project.

A turnkey project management including ideation, design and local partners. All built in Quebec, in our facility located in the Montérégie region.

An environmental liability that puts forward the decisions to minimize our ecological footprint.

  • Low energy consumption: we use LED lights for the lighting in all our project proposals;
  • Environmental footprint: we manufacture our decors in our facility instead of importing any finished product.
  • Reduced environmental footprint;
  • Supply: where ever possible, we take pride in buying our products locally
  • Recycling: we recycle 100% of all our metals (aluminium and steel) in a recycling facility located a few metres from our workplace. The same goes for our paper, boxes and plastics.

Social responsibility. Groupe Artea is actively involved in helping sick children. We are very proud to support the Ste-Justine Hospital Foundation by decorating its big Christmas tree (in French).

Compliance. Groupe Artea responsibly manages all aspects of its business in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We also ensure efficient administrative management, certified and in accordance with the Autorité des marchés publics (AMP), the Régie du bâtiment (RBQ 5676-3071-01), Contractor Check.

Moreover, we do not tolerate immoral and illegal behaviors; we have developed our own guideline for our company. All of our managers and employees are therefore behaving ethically and in full compliance with the laws.

Together, let's get the economy rolling from here

Artea is present in the Panier Bleu repertoire and proud of it.

Buying Artea is:

-Promote the purchase of products made in Quebec,

-Preferring to buy from a local company instead of large multinationals,

-Maintain jobs for creators and craftsmen: from the manufacture of the raw material to the making of your product, including design.