The Toukiparc

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Themed spaces design
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Expertise - Immersive technologies

The Toukiparc is the biggest interior amusement park of northwestern Quebec! This tropical and exotic park has several zones to satisfy the needs of everyone, young and not so young: a never-ending module, 3D virtual reality games as well as a special zone for the older ones that has more than 24 arcades.

Groupe Artea has all the resources to provide you with a turnkey project; our client has only one respondent! The designer, Groupe Artea, is composed of a multi-disciplinary team that responds to specific demands without compromising the original idea. Our team capitalizes on its know-how in innovative solutions development.

  • Design, production and manufacturing of the whole project
  • LED products, IDOLIGHT quality
  • Installation of your project by a team of specialists
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