About us

As a design firm focusing on commercial or urban development, Artea Design is there for each step, from the first idea to installation. Listening to the needs and desires of customers, the firm is multidisciplinary and promises a quality finished product. In consultation with the customer, Artea Design accompanies and supports you so that your project lives up to your expectations. Since 1999 years, Artea Design continues to focus on many projects who have dazzled by their originality and quality.

Groupe Artea is interested in the design of the built environment.

Everything starts with an intention, an idea. Our goal will be to integrate it in a space, to meet your needs, to propose new solutions. Our involvement begins.

Our multidisciplinary team has all the necessary expertise to carry out a project from A to Z and turnkey production.

Groupe Artea conceives, imagines, manufactures, surprises, destabilizes, questions, travels the world in search of the best products to arrive at delivering a surprising project that exceeds expectations in order to live a unique experience.

New technologies must be incorporated into design along with other materials to be integrated to create exceptional and playful environments. We remain on the lookout for new products while browsing annual exhibitions and fairs.

Concept & development - Project strategy - Financial support - Action plan - Sketches - Drawings - Plans - Elevations - Decision-making process - Master plan - Development & orientation - Thematic identity - Scenario - Evaluation - Design production - Customer experience - Finalization of the concept - Choice of technologies - Choice of experiences - Integration - Realization - Final production - General contractor


What we do?

Artea Design creates a immersives and interactives experiences.

Creative team?

Our design team develops original and unique concepts for all our projects.

Why choose us?

Our loyalty and our creative ideas are the key of our success and allow us to differentiate ourselves in all our projects.




  • Needs assessment
  • Concept proposition



  • Custom concept
  • 3D modeling plan
  • Content development



  • Shop fabrication
  • High quality finish

aq_block_1-Cabinetmaking (wood creation)

Cabinetmaking (wood creation)

  • Architectural millwork
  • Commercial and residential production

aq_block_1-General contractor

General contractor

  • Turnkey project
  • Management and quality control
  • Schedule management
  • Installation management



Contact us


For quotes or more information, contact us by email or phone.

  • 100 Goyer Street, suite 107, La Prairie, J5R 5G5
  • 1-855-90-ARTEA (27832)
  • info@arteagroup.com
  • RBQ : 5676-3071-01